Aurea and Fidia control plates

Aurea and Fidia control plates

It’s nice to take care of Yourselves, to relax and to indulge in Your own spaces, in an intimate environment representing your wish to feel good.

For this reason Kariba created two new lines of control plates, AUREA and FIDIA.
Discrete size, plesant at sight and customizable to match Your style.

AUREA and FIDIA plates have been designed in respect of the Golden Section, one of the most ancient existing mathematical constants: this ratio, in architecture, appears to be already known by the Ancient Egyptians, who used it in the dimensions of the Khufu’s Pyramid.

The Golden Section is also the mathematical representation of Beauty, existingin nature and widely used also in the arts: in several paintings, particulary in the Reinasseance, this ratio used to apply repeatedly.

The design solutions dedicated to bathrooms, both in public and private spaces, in the past few years have reached high levels of estethics and design, with solutions as unique as each one of us.

Our new control plates, AUREA and FIDIA, match perfectly with the last generation of bathrooms thanks to the elegance and personality of their shapes, and are designed to fit all the Kariba flushing cisterns (6 and 9 liters).

Thanks to their small size, the minimal design, the possibility of customization, the new control plates AUREA and FIDIA represent the ideal solution for those who want to turn a bathroom in their bathroom.