EKOfix 6E

Mounting frame for wall-mounted wc for in-wall installations, with Kariba 6 E cistern (from 4,5 to 6 liters), insulated, with plaster fixing net, 1 mm thickness metallic frame with anti-corrosion treatment. Perfect for the last generation wcs, certified with a 3/4,5 lts flush.


• Mounting frame for wall-hung wcs; suitable for in-wall installations
• Unsuitable for light installations (pre-wall and plasterboards)

Standard Inclusions

• 1 mm thickness metallic frame with anti-corrosion treatment and four integrated side-brackets
• Pre-mounted removable stop valve 3/8” – 3/8” with 1/2” – 3/8” fitting
• Fixing kit for wc, adjustable from 180 mm to 230 mm
• Thread bars M12 for wc
• In-wall cistern Kariba 6 E (4,5/6 lts)
• Kit wc connection and gasket for wall-hung wcs
• Black 90° discharge elbow pipe, ø 90 mm, weld PE-HD
• Black sleeve with gasket for wc, ø 90 mm, weld PE-HD
• tiling template / protective cover against dust and construction rubble
• Fixing and mounting kit
• rubble protections for discharge pipe and discharge elbow pipe

Not Included

• Fidia / Aurea control plate
• Discharge elbow pipe, ø 100 mm in PVC (available on demand)

Technical Notes

• 80 mm overall thickness
• PE-HD monoblock cistern, 6 lts maximum capacity, 4,5 lts minimum capacity
• Repairable in case of accidental drilling
• Plaster fixing net
• Anti-condensate extruded closed-cell PE insulation, sound proofing with thermal resistence from -80° C to +100° C
• Discharge valve with silicon gasket
• Float valve, noise level < 12 db • Frame tested to resist up to 400 kg as required from the regulations, if correctly walled-in.


EKOfix 6E COD.: 377366 Pieces: 1 L-P-H: 1030x480x150 mm Kg: 7,50